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Privacy and Security

A well-implemented Privacy and Security program will help protect from costly data breaches and safeguard your medical practice. The number reason providers fail a Meaningful Use audit is due to the lack of a complete Security Risk Assessment.  Contact ALREC and let us help you guard yourself and your practice.

ALREC Risk Analysis Brochure

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This detailed tri-fold explains ALREC's 5-Step Approach to Risk Analysis. Your trusted advisor can help ensure you are HIPAA compliant and assist your practice in meeting the Meaningful Use Core Measure requirement: Completing a Security Risk Analysis.

Privacy & Security Toolkit

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The Privacy and Security Toolkit includes the following: ALREC DOC LIST CROSSWALK 2014, ALREC HIPAA RISK ANALYSIS THREAT LIST, ALREC PHYS SEC INSPECTION TEMPLATE, HIPAA SELF ASSESSMENT CHECKIST & SCORECARD, INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY TEMPLATE REVIEW. Please contact your trusted advisor for more details on how they can help you complete your Security Risk Analysis.