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Dr. David Anakwenze attested to Meaningful Use for the first time in 2012.  In 2013, they were checking their reports and all the numbers seemed ok for the full year attestation.  When I went to help them with the attestation, I discovered that their EHR was reporting an e-prescribe percentage of 128%.  We called the vendor to have the report fixed.  When the EHR vendor finished adjusting the report, the percentage was at 32% - below the threshold, and the vendor said their was nothing else they could do.  

I asked Agatha Anakwenze, the office manager, to double check the detail for the denominator to make sure that it did not contain any controlled substances which should be excluded from the measure.  When she checked the detail, Agatha discovered that the detail did include these additional items.  With this information she was able to go back to her vendor and have the measure recalculated showing that Dr, Anakwenze did meet this measure.  They were able to attest and will receive $8500 for the year 2013.

 - Jane Walker, Account Representative

Mobile OBGYN PC had concluded they would have to go the Medicare Incentive route for the EHR Incentive Program.  During this time period, they sought the help of ALREC.  After several meetings with upper management and reviewing dashboard reports, ALREC advised Mobile OBGYN to delay attesting to Medicare while ALREC engaged their EHR vendor in correcting eligibility reports.  The result of this departure from the practice’s planned path proved that the 8 providers, as well as the group, exceeded the 30% Medicaid eligibility threshold.  ALREC’s positive relationship with this vendor, as well as other vendors throughout the nation, allowed this practice to be eligible to receive more incentive dollars than they originally thought possible.  With ALREC at the elbow, we were able to help Mobile OBGYN, PC receive $150,000 more in EHR Incentive dollars by being eligible to participate in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.

 - Michelle Seall, Lead Implementation Specialist